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Who we are

Ease of purchase as a source of inspiration

Van Remoortel tries to be the most complete lifestyle purchasing center in Belgium and northern France. It is a place where you can choose from the most diverse collections all year round. A place where you can spot the latest trends and where you can choose your goods when you need them. The visitor buys directly from the importer, designer or manufacturer. We takes styles, ideas and collections together, we try to be a permanent inspiration for our visitors. The offer is for the retailer in the Home, Gift & Garden sector.


Who we are

Van Remoortel was founded in 1969 as Ets Van Remoortel nv and soon became one of the largest cash and carry companies. Under the name ‘Florist Self Service’ we originally focused mainly on the floristry world.
The company grew and had an expansion. Over time, the focus shifted from floristry items to decoration items.


Who we are

Due to the larger supply and future growth, we needed a new location.
In 2006 we moved to a new showroom in Belsele – near the E17 highway.


Who we are

In 2016, a new step was taken in the development. On 1 October 2016, a partnership was entered with PW Markets (owner Trends & Trade Venlo and TICA) for the realization of an innovative cash & carry concept with 50 (inter)national manufacturers / importers from the Home, gift & Garden world in a shop-in-shop formula. The choice was also expanded with 1,000 m² of shop-in-shop Fashion exhibitors.


Who we are

After more than 50 years, Van Remoortel leaves the Waasland and moves to Home, Living & Go in Brussels.


Who we are

Van Remoortel launches the web platform “Van Remoortel online”. To serve the customers even better, a new webshop was born, where professional customers can shop online.

After more than 50 years, we still have ideas to offer our customers an even greater choice and an even better service.